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It is time that we fundamentally change the way we think and do things. Saving our planet, social justice and advancing economic growth are one and the same fight. These fights are not locally bound but extend borders. Actions taken on one side of the planet, impact the other. It is the worlds’ diversity that is our strength and path to sustainability, yet at the same time our challenge. Recognizing the worlds complexity is important, but changing the way we connect the dots is now essential. With a new kind of leadership, we may find new insights and connect elements like never done before to create new innovative solutions to tackle the complex challenges we face today.

Who are we?

We are a Community of Practice of current and alumni SDD students – the ‘SDD Community’. We are a dynamic and diverse group from different interests, backgrounds, and nationalities who have all followed the SDD Track since its launch in 2012. While we are so diverse, we find common ground in our interest in the field of sustainable development and how governance, negotiations, and diplomacy play a role in this.

The SDD Community organizes master classes, field trips, speakers, attend conferences, writes blogs, shares SDD related news, generates new SDD information and organizes other activities exclusively for SDD Wageningen students and alumni. It is through the process of sharing information and experiences that we are able to learn from each other and develop ourselves personally and professionally. As the community grows with 12 members each academic year, we create a global network of young professionals striving to make a positive impact on local and global decision making levels to tackle the many challenges we face today.