SDD Experience: Anneke Rooth

Now the summer is over, I will give my first trainings in Sustainable Development and Diplomacy.

Yes, since my graduation I am working at Clingendael, the Netherlands Institute for International Relations, and have the chance to research my beloved specialisation even more. The student has very fast become a teacher now. Over summer I used my experience at the UN and the ministry of foreign affairs to develop a training for diplomats with a few years of working experience. Trying to let go of the too academic terms, I really make sure they can use the theory of SDD in their daily work. This means a lot of short lists with take home messages and discussing questions like: How do you make decisions about things you only know a little bit about and the experts speak a language you barely understand (CO2, methane, carbon cycles/capture/sequestration, feedback mechanisms, biofuel, etc.)? How to understand and deal with the maze of mechanisms and instruments that deal with sustainable development? What is the influence of diplomacy on these processes (think about Fabius and his diplomatic expertise to create the Paris agreement)? Etc.

In short, a 3 hour summary of the SDD track tailored for diplomats in the field.

Tomorrow will be my first trial: 13 diplomats from Southern Africa will receive my SDD training. In my next blog, I´ll let you know how it went!

And as the field is continually developing, I am continually looking for new insights to share with diplomats from all over the world. So if anyone in the SDD community comes across a great example which illustrates the practice of SDD, please let me know.

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