Linking Security and Climate Change

Security and climate change. More and more, you hear these two terms combined. The first time I was thinking about this was a year ago when I found this comic on Syria. Since then I´ve been seriously interested and following the topic. Although science on this is super unclear, the link between climatic changes and security issues is increasingly recognized.

The NATO and EU have policies on climate change as a threat multiplier, the Netherlands initiated the annual Planetary Security conferences (the next coming up on 5 and 6 December) and a whole consortium exists under the name of Planetary Security Initiative. If you call it climate security, environmental security or planetary security, as an SDDer from Wageningen I felt like I needed to do a lot of research on the (hard) security aspects to fully grasp this issue. And I still keep on gaining new insights. Nevertheless, I think this is a perfect SDD case. What do you feel? Should our programme focus more on these aspects too? Or is this just a super interesting thesis topic (if applied to a specific case)?

For those interested, among the few sources available, I found a beautiful source of information: the Environment Conflict Cooperation (ECC) Factbook. The best thing for us SDD-nerds: a map with hundreds of cases where environment plays a role in conflict and it also has videos and infographics!

Addition 30 September: Yesterday the website of the Planetary Security Initiative was launched. For those interested, please take a look!

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