12 October Water Diplomacy Seminar


Inspired by some thesis researches within the SDD community of Practice, we are organizing a seminar on Water Diplomacy at Wageningen University on the 12th of October.  For anybody who might be interested, we herewith invite you to join us!

The afternoon program is divided in two sessions. In the first session, three esteemed experts and practitioners are scheduled to share with us their experiences and views. They will engage through open and interactive presentations with audience and panel;

Henk Ovink – special envoy for International Water affairs for the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Joop de Schutter – former business director at UNESCO IHE, senior policy analyst for IWRM and  member of the Water Diplomacy Consortium.

Tjitte Nauta, IWRM expert and regional manager South and East Asia for Deltares.

The second part will be an interactive panel discussion through which we hope to advance the conceptual understanding through shared views and perceptions. The panel members will be Jelle Behagel, Jeroen Warner and Saskia de Arend.

You are invited to join this program and you are very welcome to contribute in the discussions sharing your expertise, vision and experience on the subject.

The seminar is scheduled for Wednesday the 12th of October from 14:00 – 18:00  in C222, Forum building.

We hope to meet you there!


PS To keep track on participation, please register by sending an email to thijs.stoffelen@wur.nl

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