The Netherlands ranks third among worst corporate tax havens in the world

A new report by Oxfam Novib states that the Netherlands are the third worst corporate tax haven in the world, just after Bermuda and the Caiman Islands. The report, called Tax Battles: The Dangerous Global Race to the Botton on Corporate Tax, ranks three other European countries in the top-15 as well. Oxfam argues that these tax havens are starving countries out of billions of dollars needed to tackle poverty and inequality.

Esme Berkhout, tax policy advisor for Oxfam said: “Corporate tax havens are helping big business cheat countries out of billions of dollars every year. They are propping up a dangerously unequal economic system that is leaving millions of people with few opportunities for a better life.”

The Oxfam press release can be found here.

The complete top-15:

1. Bermuda

2. Cayman Islands

3. Netherlands

4. Switzerland

5. Singapore

6. Ireland

7. Luxembourg

8. Curacao

9. Hong Kong



12. Jersey

13. Barbados

14. Mauritius

15. British Virgin Islands

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