The 2018 SDD cohort had the unique chance to attend a masterclass at the “Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken”- the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. Two former SDD students had prepared for us activities that allowed us to have a glimpse in the life of the busy policy maker and to understand the complexity of negotiations for sustainable development in real-life arenas.

SDD Community Meets Dutch Climate Envoy Marcel Beukeboom – Organized by the Activities Committee:

SDD Students at a conference in The Hague:


SDD Student Laura Schroeder did her internship in China. Below a picture from a lunch meeting with colleagues.


Below, SDD 2016-2017 during a fun activity while working on their International Environmental Policy Consultancy (IEPC) project commissioned by the UN.


SDD student Roy Winkelhuijzen did his internship at the UN in Geneva:


SDD student Thijs Stoffelen organized a water diplomacy session with various experts:


SDD 2015-2016 students sent a 4-people commission to Brussles to talk to experts at the European Union for their International Environmental Policy Consultancy project.

There is also time for socializing!

A few SDD students met Bill Moomaw, who is considered to be the founder of SDD.


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